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Whether you’re looking to correct bad habits, meet like-minded people or simply want to push your boundaries and challenge yourself, then you’re in the right place!

We care about is getting you to the place you want to be. Making self development sexy again, our workshops are spaces where you can explore who you are and what makes you tick. Lead by our facilitators and co-founder, Emeli Paulo, within minutes of walking in the door you’ll be listening to the stories of complete strangers and sharing some yourself, having real conversations about things that actually matter and by the time you leave you’ll feel more connected and inspired than you have in a long time.

Where do I start?

Real change starts from within. To get the most out of your experience, take the full Collective Potential journey


A 2 hour workshop designed to kickstart your journey of self discovery. Like planting a seed, this workshop has been designed to help you find the change you’ve been looking for. You will walk out with clarity about the direction you want to head in and how to take your next obvious step.


This 2 day workshop is for people who want to create change. You don’t need to have all the answers right now, Grit is the place to find them. You’ll be facilitated to overcome limiting beliefs that have held you back for too long and receive your own workbook to get you to design – and follow through – on your very own lifestyle plan. Includes heaps of bonuses like workshop tickets to keep you going beyond the workshop.

3. RAW

Each 3 hour Raw workshop has a different theme so you can explore and learn about yourself through diverse topics of honest conversation. Join the group in uncovering the real you, stepping out of the ordinary and into an experience unlike any other you’ve had before. This is intoxicatingly exciting, boundary pushing stuff, and for no extra charge we promise plenty of belly laughter. Highly recommended as a series back to back to get the full effect!


Sometimes we know exactly what we need to do but need a plan, a confidence boost or to just plain get. shit. done. Other times we need help, another perspective, to find our next obvious step. We can help you find the next step. Our expert coaches will listen to you, help draw out the wisdom that’s inside you (yes, it’s in there!) and give you practical resources and support to get you where you want to be.



AUGUST Raw: Flow MONDAY 1ST AUG 7-9.30PM BOOK NOW Learn More
Catalyst MONDAY 15 AUG 7-9PM BOOK NOW Learn More
Catalyst MONDAY 29 AUG 7-9PM BOOK NOW Learn More
SEPTEMBER Grit SAT & SUN 10 & 11 SEPT 9-6PM Book Now Learn More
Raw: Rebel MONDAY 19 SEP 7-9.30PM Book Now Learn More
OCTOBER Raw: Connection MONDAY 3 OCT 7-9.30PM Book Now Learn More
Catalyst MONDAY 17 OCT 7-9PM Book Now Learn More
NOVEMBER Raw: Gratitude MONDAY 7 NOV 7-9.30PM Book Now Learn More
Catalyst MONDAY 14 NOV 7-9PM Book Now Learn More
Grit SAT & SUN 19 & 20 NOV 9-6PM Book Now Learn More

*Dates are subject to change. We will notify our mailing list and any registered participants of changes via email.

What goes on in collective potential workshops?

By definition a ‘workshop’ is – a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

So keeping that in mind, here’s a thought – at a Collective Potential workshop you can be a fly on the wall; you’re allowed. You will still learn something with that approach, but the ball is in your court and you can choose how you want to play it. To fully unleash on the self-discovery challenges and create change, you must engage.

Hell, you might even surprise yourself – sometimes we are closer to what we want than we actually know. Come for a sense of community and leave with fresh eyes on how to reach your full potential.

Get used to hearing the words authenticity, connection and growth, because Collective Potential workshops will create a space for you to be completely real (minus the judgement) while gaining insight through a gratifying experience.