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If you’re looking to correct bad habits, meet like-minded people or simply want to put a rocket up your backside so that you might have a better chance at pushing your boundaries, then you’re in the right place!


JULY Raw: Real MONDAY 4 JULY 6.45-9.30PM
Catalyst (Introductory workshop) MONDAY 18 JULY 7-9PM
AUGUST Raw: Flow MONDAY 1 AUG 6.45-9.30PM
Catalyst (Introductory workshop) MONDAY 15 AUG 7-9PM
Grit (Two Day Workshop) SAT & SUN 27 & 28 AUG 9-5PM
SEPTEMBER Raw: Rebel MONDAY 5 SEP 6.45-9.30PM
Catalyst (Introductory workshop) MONDAY 19 SEP 7-9PM
OCTOBER Raw: Connection MONDAY 3 OCT 6.45-9.30PM
Catalyst (Introductory workshop) MONDAY 17 OCT 7-9PM
Grit (Two Day Workshop) SAT & SUN 29 & 30 OCT 9-5PM
NOVEMBER Raw: Gratitude MONDAY 7 NOV 6.45-9.30PM
Catalyst (Introductory workshop) MONDAY 21 NOV 7-9PM
Grit (Two Day Workshop) SAT & SUN 26 & 27 NOV 9-5PM

*Dates are subject to change. We will notify our mailing list and any registered participants of changes via email.

What goes on in collective potential workshops?

By definition a ‘workshop’ is – a meeting at which a group of people engage in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project.

So keeping that in mind, here’s a thought – at a Collective Potential workshop you can be a fly on the wall; you’re allowed. You will still learn something with that approach, but the ball is in your court and you can choose how you want to play it. To fully unleash on the self-discovery challenges and create change, you must engage.

Hell, you might even surprise yourself – sometimes we are closer to what we want than we actually know. Come for a sense of community and leave with fresh eyes on how to reach your full potential.

Get used to hearing the words authenticity, connection and growth, because Collective Potential workshops will create a space for you to be completely real (minus the judgement) while gaining insight through a gratifying experience.

Choose your own adventure

START HERE Catalyst is a two hour taste test of the Grit experience to kickstart your journey

DIVE IN Grit is a two day workshop that shakes things up and gets you focused on what you really want

JUMP IN Raw is the space explore and learn about yourself through honest conversation

THE FULL PACKAGE Hustle is for those who are ready to step up and get to where they want to be