Collective Potential workshops can change everything

Collective Potential is a self development social enterprise committed to helping people create the change they want to see.
Our Melbourne based live events are the place to grow as a human being. Our spaces are for people who are looking for change.

We will believe in you, even when you don’t.

We give you practical tools to make change easier, transformational experiences to give you the self awareness and confidence you need and a community of good people who are ready to have your back as we all go on this journey together.

Whether it’s finding a new posse, correcting bad habits, breaking through limits or completely heading in a new direction, our workshops give you the opportunity to get real and create the life you want to live. NO BS. No fluff.

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We care about getting you to the place you want to be.

Making caring about yourself sexy again, our events are spaces where you can explore who you are and what makes you tick. Lead by our facilitators and co-founder, Emeli Paulo, within minutes of walking in the door you’ll be listening to the stories of complete strangers and sharing some yourself, having real conversations about things that actually matter and by the time you leave you’ll feel more connected and inspired than you have in a long time. Our events are exciting and challenging all at the same time and there are plenty of belly laughs.

Click below to find out more about how you can step out of the ordinary and into an experience unlike any other you’ve had before.

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Ask yourself:
What change do you want right now?

An evening event designed to kickstart your journey of self discovery

A 2 day event is for people who want to create change and learn the skills to overcome anything that’s holding me back.

Monthly evening event with different themes so you can explore and learn about yourself through diverse topics of honest conversation.

STEP 4 & 5
Six month journey, with a group or one-on-one, that combines the best of all our programs so you can draw out the wisdom that’s inside you (yes, it’s in there!) and have all the practical resources and support you need to get you where you want to be.