Collective Potential can change everything

  • “I loved the energy and insight into human existence. I will be following up for sure”
  • “The connections I made were so easy and the learning so profound”
  • “I feel like it’s changed my life”
  • “Tonight allowed me to have an authentic interaction I otherwise wouldn’t have”
  • “Came in with no expectations or preconceived notions as to what this event was. I really loved it”

Collective Potential is a self development social enterprise committed to helping people create the change they want to see.
Our Melbourne based live events are the place to grow as a human being. Our spaces are for people who are looking for change. We will believe in you, even when you don’t.

We give you practical tools to make change easier, transformational experiences to give you the self awareness and confidence you need and a community of good people who are ready to have your back as we all go on this journey together.

Whether it’s finding a new posse, correcting bad habits, breaking through limits or completely heading in a new direction, our workshops give you the opportunity to get real and create the life you want to live. NO BS. No fluff.


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Raw Series // CONNECTION
Tues 28 Mar 7PM+

Raw is a series of facilitated events to explore who you are and enhance mindset, beliefs and behaviour. Emeli Paulo will facilitate change in you that could take you a lifetime to do yourself.

You’ll be guided through connection experiences that will leave you feeling good, motivated and with clarity on what you want and how to get it. Meet like-minded people hungry for change too.

Raw will train your mind to reach your potential instead of keeping yourself small. We’ll inspire you to take action and grow from your fears, learning to stay true to who you are. If you have ever wondered: ‘Why is everyone else so happy?’, ‘How do I stop the excuses’ or ‘How can I get my life to be that awesome?’ then this series is for you.

This is a life masterclass you don’t want to miss.

Learn more about Raw + get Tickets




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