Love Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone

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I want to talk about how it’s not ok that people don’t experience real authentic connections.

It’s not ok to me that people don’t know how awesome it is to spend time with a group and be accepted for all that you are. Enough that they feel they can share who they really are. I want to talk about how awesome connection with community is. I want to talk about how inspired they leave me.

A while back we had a small reunion of some of those who came to our Collective Potential workshops last year. I listened to story after story of people being real.

Real people. Real convos. Real life.

Connection. People living with purpose and meaning in their life. Inspired. Empowered people.

It’s not ok that we live in a world where people don’t feel like they need spaces like this. It’s not ok that people are too sacred to try something out like this.

It’s simple: it’s a room of humans.

There’s nothing to be scared of.

It’s not ok that we live in a world that makes it not ok to express yourself. To be authentically, fabulously you.

We judge a person for being too emotional, too sensitive. We judge a person for having a big ego when they talk too much about how happy they are. That person has a glow in them that is beyond what they could have ever imagined. That person has a glimmer in their soul and they want to share just how much they have change. That person has realised they don’t need all that shit they were carrying in their life. That person sees they are worth fighting their mind for. That person has found a place of love within. That person is a girl. That person is a guy. That person is a man. That person a woman.

That person could be you. That person is you. That person is me.

Tonight, I listened. I cried. I laughed. Tonight I realised just how devoted I am to changing the wellbeing of this country. Tonight I remembered why I work each day on ‘the best strategy’ for how we launch our ‘spaces of connection and purpose’ to the world. I am committed. I am of service forever.

Thank you. Thank you all for being brave enough to face into your fears. To take up the challenge life has given you to live the life you imagine.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

– Emeli

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