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Podcast: Finding What’s True with Beau Taplin

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Beau Taplin connects people through words

Breaking through comfort zones

“Every single incredible thing that’s happened in my life has happened when I break pattern. I’m never more powerful than when I do something I’m uncomfortable with or that makes me feel nervous or that I’m afraid of”- Beau Taplin

During our break from the podcast, Em has been meeting Australians on her Real Road Trip. Having conversations with many, she discovered that the places that people are stuck are often within the boundary of their comfort zones. In this episode, we explore the freedom and growth you can find when you break out of the stories that keep you small and the joy you can find when you live more in your heartspace and not your headspace.

Joining us is Beau Taplin, a self-published Author who quickly grew a following after posting his poetry on Instagram. Now almost reaching 500,000 people, Beau’s ability to translate feelings into words takes you on an emotional journey that helps you relate to the inner world of yourself and others.

You can find Beau @beautaplin or at www.beautaplin.com