Collective Potential is a self development social enterprise committed to helping people create the change they want to see.
We are a collective of expert coaches and facilitators who are pioneering dynamic and creative group work, events and toolkits.
Why? We believe people who are on purpose change the world.


A world where people support and inspire each other to live their potential


Create spaces for people to connect in real life and provide experiences and resources to create fulfilling lives


To empower people to live a life of purpose and create the change they want to see

We work with adults who want to be challenged and inspired by a community that supports them. We facilitate groups of people through experiences of self discovery and empower them with resources to take practical action. Our workshops are designed to get you where you want to be, with the community and resources you need to get there.

We run creative self development workshops, events and coaching for individuals and teams.
Our engaging group workshops empower people to unleash the potential we all have within and teach them how to create the change they want.

We offer raw interactive experiences, creative group based workshops for the general public and corporate, personal and professional coaching, and online resources.
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We work with businesses to unlock the full potential of teams and individuals. We do this through our dynamic group facilitation programs, which increase motivation, engagement, and overall wellbeing and performance.
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Our Pay It Forward program removes barriers between people and their potential. At every program or event we run, sponsored tickets are available for those experiencing financial difficulty. This is part of our commitment to making wellbeing accessible and affordable for all.
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A willingness to be seen and see others as they are, being true to yourself and doing what you care about
People connecting through real conversations and working together to achieve epic things
Being comfortable with being uncomfortable and challenging yourself to evolve and grow
Not being a carbon copy and standing up for what you believe in

Meet Our Team

Behind the scenes there is an exceptional group of incredible individuals who are pouring their blood, sweat and occasional tears into building this shared vision of ours. We are super proud of them.

Emeli Paulo



Emeli is an expert at getting you to unleash your potential and create change in your life. She has run workshops for over 15 years for thousands of people, focused solely on unleashing human potential.
Her rap sheet includes everything from personal meetings with Richard Branson, Oprah, Bono and the Dalai Lama, to co-creating social change concerts reaching 15,000 people across Australia to spending 10 years working with indigenous communities on intergenerational shame.
She lives and breathes social change and spends every waking moment thinking of ways to lead and collaborate on projects that empower and transform people’s lives.
In 2014 Emeli founded Collective Potential – a place to incubate her love of workshops, events, coaching and crazy ideas that just might change the world.

Jodi Deutrom



Jodi spends her days steering the ship that is Collective Potential. In true co-founder style, on any given day Jodi combines her creativity and skills in leadership management, operations, finance, brand and media production with being a spokesperson, trainer, facilitator, web designer – whatever is needed! – to Get. Things. Done.

Having run two successful businesses and after over a decade working in the Not For Profit sector as a Senior Facilitator and Trainer, Jodi is known for her boldness, diligence and tenacity to build organisations into catalysts for human greatness and social change.
In 2014, Jodi and Emeli, friends since their teens, partnered together to build Collective Potential to what it is today.

Credit: Emeli, Jodi & James headshots by Marcel Lammerse Photography


Rejieli Paulo

CO-Founder & Relationship Manager

Rejieli takes Collective Potential to corporate clients across Australia. She partners with business leaders to help them get the best out of their people. She works closely to understand individual company needs so our team can deliver tailored programs to support wellbeing and cultural outcomes. Having worked in the industry for many years in the UK Rejieli has a vast experience in understanding corporate needs and returning human results.


Bronte Cooper

Event Manager

Bronte makes Collective Potential events what they are. An exceptional organiser, Bronte also is the point of call for our guests and looks after our community before, during and after the excitement has died down. An entrepreneur herself, Bronte has her own business, Candy, a streetwear label and also works for her family foundation making some serious impact in the social sector.


Ryan Hyde

Podcast Manager

Ryan takes the honest and authentic conversations people love about Collective Potential to the masses. As a journalist and creative, Ryan uses his talents to pick the brains of thought leaders and influencers around the world and shares their ideas, processes and stories with our community. After co-founding the successful Pocket Change Podcast, Ryan is collaborating with Collective Potential on an exciting concept to be be released this year.