Podcast: Nicole Gibson

People on Purpose Podcast


🎙We are back. Well, I am back.  Emeli Paulo here;

My previous co-hosts, Jeremy and Ryan may have moved on to reach their own potential.

Yet, here I am carrying the big ass torch and I could just not let it go out 🔥


I have ignited the flame INSPOTAINMENT once again and bring you REAL AF experts who will ensure you are ‘on purpose’.

It’s time for the next series, People on Purpose. Yes, we’re here to be helpful by simply (but powerfully) connecting you to ‘people on purpose’ for you to question, be curious and take action in your career, wealth, health and all your relationships. REAL conversations, REAL experts, REAL people doing REAL cool things to advance the health of humanity.


Nicole Gibson, our first guest in the new podcast series ‘People on Purpose’ has done that better than most her age, a 25 year old that continues to make me lose my mind each time I see and watch her speak.


Watch Nicole’s recent TEDx talk in Oxford, UK. here: Watch video


About Nicole

Nicole Gibson is a speaker, unifier, and facilitator.


She has been appointed Mental health commissioner for three terms & has her very own charity The Rogue & Rouge Foundation.


This young woman lives on the Gold Coast and is a badass rebel change maker.

I asked ‘What do you want to talk about today?

She said ‘love’ – of course! Nicole has written a remarkable book aptly named for the podcast, #LOL Love Out Loud [A Millennial’s Guide to Enlightenment] is her first book. A personal account of her finding her way back to love, as well as a guide to help you figure out what ‘Loving OUT LOUD’ really means to you.

Find the free course and tools Nicole mentions in the podcast at www.nicolegibson.com.au/