Do you sometimes feel like something’s missing in your life?
Want to take things to the next level, but not sure how?
Ready for a challenge but need someone to keep you accountable?

Life can get full pretty quickly. Emails, social media, work, nights out with friends. Your desire for adventure, mixed in with FOMO means you keep yourself busy, but weeks go by and you have still have that burning feeling that something is seriously missing. You don’t feel complete. This is not the life you imagined.

Cue you trying the latest fad or make another drastic lifestyle changes that makes your friends’ eyes roll. Maybe you feel stuck so you just… do nothing. Sound familiar? Doing it solo can be slow, repetitive and lonely. You might know that firsthand. Let’s stop that Groundhog Day feeling and do something different.

More clarity

More confidence

self awareness

support to change

If you could do with a bit more of any of these, then it’s time to start investing in you.

Think of it like going to the gym, but for your life.

Who said you have to change your life on your own – elite athletes have coaches don’t they? Sometimes the difference in getting to the next level is having someone to keep you accountable. So do your next phase Collective Potential style – with people who will believe in you, even on those days that you don’t.

Use coaching to zero in on what you want. Let our coaches help you set goals and breakdown the steps to get there with you to make it achievable.


90 minute sessions

Enough time to do some real work

One-on-one with an expert coach

The focus stays on getting you where you want to be

6 or 12 month packages available

Be supported to create real change

Practical resources & add-ons

Customise your package to get what you need


Forget what you think you know about self development, we do things differently at Collective Potential. It’s like talking to an good friend, you can pick up where you leave off, have that courageous conversation you need to have but still finish with a laugh.

We know not everyone is the same so no two coaching sessions are either – there is no template, instead we take your lead. Our expert coaches will listen to you, help draw out the wisdom that’s inside you (yes, it’s in there!) and give you practical resources and support to get you where you want to be.

We have a lot of different resources, workshops and experts that we can pull in to make sure you get the experience you need to end up where you want to be.


One of the helpful tools we use is our 6 Laws of Focus© model. It helps identify where in your life you are kicking butt and where you want to put more effort.

Ask yourself: Which area of my life do I want to create change in?

Meet our coaches

Collective Potential is about you to getting to where you want to be, so we have some of the best coaches ready to walk you through each step of the way.




For over 15 years, Emeli Paulo has worked with thousands of people within Australia and across the world. One of the country’s best facilitators, she’s known for her authenticity and ability to create real connection.

Focusing on unleashing human potential, Emeli is a Master Facilitator and Trainer of the Human Spirit. She co-founded Collective Potential in 2014 to harness inspiration and empower people with the resources to live an authentic life.

By learning how to tap into her vulnerability, power and voice, Emeli has developed a method of working with individuals and groups that has proven to engage, empower and transform people’s lives.




Many people go through life doing things they don’t feel any spark for. Alice Chien is a “purpose” detective. She’s an expert at helping you ask great questions of yourself so you become a pro at knowing exactly what you really want in life and is skilled at helping you create a crisp map to get there.

Alice is driven by helping people build lives they truly care about. A facilitator at Collective Potential, Alice also has her own coaching business Intent Mind.

It’s her real world experiences working with Australia’s largest not-for-profits for over 8 years in fundraising and marketing, combined with her drive and ability to lead people to inspired action, that helps her clients get what they want in their lives.



Set your goal and get clear on short term outcomes that can get you there


Identify old stories and limitations that hold you back


Break down what to do next into small but meaningful steps


We will have your back, even on the days you don’t

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