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Using our unique group work approach, we will facilitate alignment of employee strengths and individual purpose
to that of the organisation so you can capture the best of your employees.

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Tailored to your highest priorities and designed to add value to the wellbeing, culture and performance of your teams, your people will leave our workshops and events more bonded, focused and easily integrate insights gained straight back into the working environment.

Our promise is to work with you to unleash the potential in not only your people, but your business too.


Happy clients we’ve worked with

Q: What can you help with?
Some of the challenges we commonly tackle with clients are:
• Low employee engagement
• Low motivation and productivity
• Decline in team performance and cohesiveness
• Fixed mindsets and resistance to change
• High staff turnover and difficulty retaining talent

Q: What are the benefits of your events?
We tailor our work based on needs you identify, but there are many overall benefits for participants and organisation such as:
• Positive workplace mental health
• Mental health and wellbeing strategies
• Developing work environments that promote wellbeing
• Positive leadership style
• Effective communication
• Supporting and developing employees
• Feeling more in control and balancing work and life demands

Co founder & Facilitator Emeli Paulo

Q: We’ve had lots of speakers, what makes you different?
Our workshops are not stock standard, there is no boring presenter clicking through slides. Our dynamic facilitators deliver interactive experiences underpinned by positive psychology and neuroscience to support workshop participants to access to their potential in life and at work.

Q: What outcomes can I expect?
Our results speak for themselves. Over 90% of participants reported an increase in support and understanding their individual purpose after a Collective Potential workshop. 80% find a key takeaway to integrate in their work and our facilitators are rated on average as a 9/10.
There is currently a research project being conducted by The University of Melbourne on the direct impact of our work on participant behaviour and day-to-day wellbeing which is expected to be complete mid 2017.


“You are creating a space few people get to experience when trying to change behaviour. Dynamic, raw and courageous.”

Michelle McQuaid
Best selling author and speaker, Melbourne

“Emeli’s talent in training, presenting and facilitating has been of immense value from working with young disadvantaged kids through to senior PwC partners in a corporate setting. I could not recommend her more highly in this regard. Her ability to connect and inspire people is very rare and powerful.”

Liv Cole
Executive Fundraising Manager, Very Special Kids

“Emeli is a highly motivated individual who is able to galvanise others into action and more importantly into making a deep personal commitment to the task at hand. She is a thought leader in our community and is helping to reshape how we as a community view the world and our priorities. Her boundless energy and patience with others is remarkable. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Caroline Counsel
Lawyer, Principal Counsel Family Lawyers

Our promise is to work with you to unleash the potential in not only your people, but your business too.

We’ve developed a range of themed content that gets to the core of your needs
and can be integrated together to achieve your desired end result.

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