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We are not meant to be unhappy, struggling or just going through the paces of life. We are not meant to try to do everything alone.
We need good people around us motivate us to be our best, to learn from the best and have someone to be accountable to.

Learn how to step out of the ordinary and into an experience unlike any other you’ve had before.
Slay your fears and stop seeing the status quo or mediocrity as your only option.

If you are ready to start being real about what YOU truly want so you can go after it, then it’s time to come to Collective Potential.

Like going to the gym, but for life

Collective Potential is the place to grow as a human being

We empower you with everything you need to start living an authentic life you choose for yourself: life altering experiences that will inspire and motivate you, resources to explore who you are and good people to really connect with.

And we will believe in you, even in the moments when you don’t. Which is important when you’re trying to make changes – especially days when you want to just give up.

As a result you’ll feel an increase in confidence, develop self awareness to be able to master your mindset and unconscious beliefs, and know how to find clarity for yourself in any situation life throws at you.

Everything you need in one place

one-stop shop if you’re lost, inspired or want more good in your life

Resources to explore who you are, your beliefs and what you truly want

We teach emotional intelligence and self awareness strategies so you can understand your unconscious beliefs and consciously engineer the life you want.

We publish honest explorations of issues we all come up against in our podcast, video series and blog, as well as share free resources you can use at home.

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Unique live events that inspire authenticity and connection

Our Melbourne based live events create unique spaces of authentic connection that inspire purpose-filled living. Think TEDTalks meets Tony Robbins meets a platonic Tinder for good friends and you are starting to get an idea of what Collective Potential events are like.

At every event we connect you to Australia’s most innovative wellbeing experts in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, career, lifestyle and spirituality so you can learn from the best.

Come to an event or get us involved in yours

Grow alongside people who are genuine and want the same things

We foster a community of good people who can become new friends and mentors that encourage you to grow. They think and live outside the box, chase authenticity and are on the search to be the best they can be.

Meet up in person, at an event or online with our member groups.

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New to this or freaking out?

Forget everything you know about personal development

We party. We make mistakes. We are human too so we get it! We have been doing this work for over 15 years and only create events that our friends will come to – there is NO kumbaya singing and hand-holding here!

At a Collective Potential event the ball is in your court and you can choose how you want to play it. Fully unleash on the self-discovery challenges and create change OR be a fly on the wall; you’re allowed. Either way you’ll get something out of the experience.

Hell, you might even surprise yourself – sometimes we are closer to what we want than we actually know. Come for a sense of community and leave with fresh eyes on how to reach your full potential.

Get used to hearing the words authenticity, connection and growth, because Collective Potential will create a space for you to be completely real (minus the judgement) while gaining insight through a gratifying experience.

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RealFest: How to live an authentic life


RealFest is an entertaining and inspiring event with speakers and tools to take REAL action in your health, wealth, career and relationships. Be prepared for laughter, genuine connection and inspiration that will leave you motivated.

With a new guest and topic for each event and Emeli Paulo as your MC with her engaging style of no BS facilitation, RealFest is an experience not to be missed.

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