Theory of Change

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Who is Collective Potential?

Let us just say straight up – people are dying.

I know it’s a strong opening but it’s the truth. Every 3 hours someone dies by suicide in our country. People are lining up for mental health services yet our Government cannot (or will not) provide what is needed. All of this is preventable with self-development that includes a community embedded with mental health tools and resources.

It’s unacceptable to us and we have a solution.

Our role at Collective Potential is preventative mental health. We give people the self-acceptance and emotional intelligence tools rather than then let them suffer alone in the self doubt they experience which leads to mental illnesses. We provide people with a supportive community to ensure they have key human need: agency – to thrive and achieve in all areas of their life.

Our role is be innovative in our approach to mental health. This is why we don’t run projects to fix the problem, we focus on core human needs such as connection, purpose and community. We steer well away from the stigma that prevents mainstream Australians to attend our projects that need it the most.

Our role is be innovative in our approach to mental health.

We have an opportunity here to work together as a nation to develop something that works on the root cause – disconnection. By providing Aussies with the self-development tools and resources we can save lives – better yet empower people to do it themselves.

It might help to understand that we have two arms to our social enterprise and a charity, Collective Potential:

1. Personal Growth Services

We run live personal growth events that challenge the status quo of your typical wellness event. Interactive in their nature, we believe in a wholistic approach to mental health. We provide experts and tools in wealth, health, relationships, sexuality, career and spirituality. Our tribe leave with specific tools for personal change, an online community to be a part of and joining a movement to make a difference.

1.1 Sunday sessions – Melb
1.2 Retreats – Vic
1.3 2020 scale up – national events
1.4 Volunteer & internship program

2. Making a Difference Advocacy

We are uniting for Global and national mental health. We are asking you to join the movement to call our Government for more and better mental health. We run creative advocacy events that mobilise Australians to take action to lower the frightening health statistics and save lives in their community.

2.1 People on Purpose Road trip 2019-2021
2.2 Digital online platform & research 2020
2.4 Real Fest National Road show 2020
2.5 Global Concert 2020


By 2020:
– Engage with 1,000,000 Australians to increase wellbeing in our country
– Develop relationships with 150 rural and urban communities to lower the frightening health statistics
– We aim to save the lives of 3 people each day be decrease this number down from 8 to 5
– Partner with political campaigning organisations globally and nationally to lobby our Government for more and better action on mental health